Why did we name the company “Dada”? Where did the name come from?

It is inevitable that once we tell someone what Dada does, the next question is always, “where did you get the name?” - usually followed by a smile and chuckle. Dada was and still is an art movement, started at the turn of the 20th century. They were a group of artists that were considered “unique” and “avante guard” in the established art community. The birth and growth of destination services in the relocation industry, is much the same. In addition, the founder of Dada, is considered “unique” in the relocation industry as the artists who founded the movement.

Interestingly, in other cultures and languages, Dada also means many other things: in Romanian it means, “yes, indeed you are right”; in French it means, “a hobby horse” and in Hindu, dada is the village elder who gives permission to do business in his village. But it Canada, it means “Canada's destination specialist”! So now, you know why we named the company “Dada”.




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