Departure Assistance

Our Departure Program is designed to ensure all required documentation and follow up is completed in conjunction with or on behalf of the transferee prior to departure from the host country.

Prior to the departure of the transferee, Dada shall:

  • Consult by telephone with transferee to confirm departure date and identify assistance required;
  • Assist transferee to cancel lease with landlord and forward documentation to client for payment (if applicable);
  • Counsel transferee in disconnection of utilities pending vacating date;
  • Provide outgoing inspection of rental accommodations and report damages to client contact (no outgoing inspection is required if property is for sale or sold);
  • Arrange final utility bills to be forwarded to transferees new address or client contact (as directed by client contact)

“Lynn was perfect. Lynn was a precious help to us.”

~P.J., Montreal

Post Departure of transferee, Dada shall:

  • Assist transferee to ensure return of pre-paid deposits to transferee with landlord (where applicable);
  • Arrange disposal of any house contents not being moved (donation to charity);
  • Arrange for return of rented equipment and/or furniture;
  • Arrange for house/apartment cleaning (if required/when requested).

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