Education Assistance and Placement

This program assists the customer to assess the suitability/availability of schools both Public and Private, in the city that they are moving to and accompany the customer to school appointments and registration.

  • Provide information on local education options: (i.e. age requirements, immunization, taxes, public vs. private);
  • Provide information on local schools including performance data if available;
  • Research and provide information on availability for enrollment and tuition fees;
  • Arrange schools appointments;
  • Accompany transferee to schools appointments.

“Cheryl was absolutely fantastic. She did a wonderful job in finding me the best place to live in Calgary. I love it. Cheryl also provided spectacular service when I accidentally locked myself out of the building. Not sure what to do, I called Cheryl. Cheryl immediately jumped into action by obtaining a spare key and bringing it to me.”

~D.A., TD Bank, Calgary

Deliver exceptional client service always.