Goingto.ca Web Orientation

Dada’s Orientation website is a globally accessible, user-controlled, searchable database, with a wealth of information about CANADA as applicable to individuals relocating to a new destination. Backed up with a secure administrative back end that can be controlled either by us or by our client, the system is set up to easily create new user accounts on demand, allowing instant access to all the available features and information. The database is connected to a simple yet powerful content management system that allows quick editing of content. This content was created, and is regularly supervised and updated, by Dada Destination Services Inc.

Some highlights of the system include:


  • Accessible 24/7 regardless of time zone
  • Password-initiated pre Look See Trip and/or House hunting trip. Allows customer to check out CANADA without leaving home city/country
  • Family access through one password ensures every family member is involved in the relocation


  • Content is written by Dada Destination Consultants, which ensures information provided is relevant and specific to new residents
  • Information is completely unbiased and objective
  • No one can sponsor or buy content


One stop online information resource. Whether it is “Essential information” or “Fun & Useful”, everything you need to know is available on line and in one place


  • Adheres to Web standards to be accessible with any Web device
  • Designed to grow based on the number of users, amount of content and locations

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