Look-See/Preview Program

The purpose of the Look–See/Preview Program is to provide specific destination information and counseling to the prospective transferee to ensure the acceptance of an employment offer or as a pre house – hunting trip familiarization tour. The scope of services and information provided to the prospective transferee is specifically designed to meet each customer’s and their family interests.

Before the arrival of the prospective transferee to the destination location, Dada shall:

  • Consult by telephone with said person to determine his/her orientation needs and interests;
  • Research specific orientation information to be provided according to indicated requirements;
  • Establish meeting time with prospective transferee and inform HR of meeting plans.

“Adam was always there to help me and really provided guidance/answers to all of my questions. I don’t know what I would of done without his guidance.”

~J.A., Bases, Toronto

Upon arrival of the prospective transferee to the destination location, Dada shall:

  • Meet prospective transferee at the airport or hotel as requested;
  • Provide an orientation tour specific to the interests of the prospective transferee and his/her family; (including social and recreational facilities, schools, medical facilities)
  • Determine neighbourhoods and types of housing available that would be suitable to their needs;
  • Discuss and review rental and/or purchase housing pricing with the assistance of a realtor;
  • Provide comparative neighbourhood tours;
  • Provide an orientation package specific to family needs;
  • Return prospective transferee to airport or hotel.
  • Inform client contact when services have been completed and forward by email any concerns or opinions expressed by prospective transferee that may impact their decision to accept the position/transfer.
  • Post visit of the prospective transferee (and prior to a house hunting trip), Dada shall:
  • Continue to provide additional information by telephone/email to prospective transferee as requested.

Deliver exceptional client service always.