Why Use Dada?

You can sum up what sets Dada apart from other destination suppliers in two words: Consistent and Comprehensive. Our Destination Consultants are fully trained to deliver the most comprehensive and consistent destination programs in Canada. Our clients can be confident that the scope and quality of the service that their transferee receives in Calgary will be the same for a transferee relocating to Toronto or any other Dada location. Pricing is also consistent throughout Canada. Fees do not change from city to city, and every destination program is based on a package price rather than per diems, allowing our clients to budget with confidence. We can also tailor our programs to meet your corporate relocation policy.

At Dada, we recognize that we are often an extension to our clients’ human resource department. With our 1-800- HELP DESK, your H.R. department needs only one phone number or e-mail address, to initiate and track requests for destination services anywhere in Canada. This simplified access allows valuable time and energy to be focused on other responsibilities such as recruitment and retention.

The benefit of Dada’s service to the transferee may be obvious: It saves time, relieves stress, promotes greater choice of suitable homes, and eases pressure on the family. Many of our customers have commented that they were extremely grateful that their employer chose to retain our services.

We are proud of our customer service record but we also welcome the opportunity to improve our service to both the transferee and client. That is why we survey our customers. Every transferee is provided with a Customer Satisfaction Survey. We encourage and appreciate their feedback on our services. The completed survey also allows us to recognize just how much our Destination Consultants contribute to our success! Completed customer satisfaction surveys can also be forwarded to our clients Relocation or Human Resources department, so they too can monitor our success. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and the scope of our comprehensive programs makes Dada Destination Services Inc., the most chosen provider for relocation Companies and the most recommended Destination Company in Canada.

Deliver exceptional client service always.